Saturday, September 3, 2016

Optimus Prime Box Art Illustration

I haven't updated this art blog for a while, most of my latest stuffs was posted on my facebook and Instagram. Ok, let's share some of my new project recently.

This is the Box cover illustration for ORITOY, a new series of action figure called Hero Of Steel. This is a fun project since i like drawing robot, and there is a lot freedom for me to play around.

The following is some of my drawing steps captured:

Layout, i did another another more dynamic pose, but this is the more safe one.
start with the black and white, try to get the nice lighting and right value.
apply color on a color layer in Photoshop
final illustration.

final look of the box art with the graphics.

If you are interest to see the figures pictures here:

You can check my latest work here:
Facebook page:


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