Sunday, June 28, 2009

《殺禪》 - 葛元昇
Another fan art of main character from my friend's novel "KUMA".
另一幅FAN ART, 是喬靖夫另一作品《殺禪》中的角色: 漂城刀神, 葛元昇。看看日子已經是三年前的事了.

《武道狂之詩》 武當獵人: 荊裂

我的朋友喬靖夫, 香港殘存少數現役武俠小說作家。極喜歡他的作品。這是他的新作《武道狂之詩》當中的角色 --武當獵人: 荊裂。看完小說之後很有試繪的衝動!於是畫了這幅。
好像還是畫老了一點及大隻了一點... 短褲的圖案也太草了.

Sunday, June 21, 2009




Kikaider Sketches


This is a very cutting edge concept of robot TV series in 70s called GETTER ROBO, those robot is transformed by 3 aircrafts (red, whiote and yellow) in different order. Here i changed them into a human Superheroes form to see how they look like. I have a lot of fun to paint this series. I posted them to japanese website, seems they like them as well.

Sketches -Yetiplanet

These are the sketches I did to develop some avatar character for the muti-play game website called Yetiplanet in 1999. The website is no longer exist...

Sketches -Skeleton

This isthe 1st character I designed for the 1st game company I worked.

Acrylic + pencil 1995

water color + pen

My First Full Digital Painting

This is my first digital painting with my first wacom tablet. This is a test drawing for a children book job. The color is way too saturated, i don't know why I make the sky like this. I like the car a lot. Anyway I got a job with this test.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yellow Bus Illustration

I did quite a lot of children books illustration after i graduated. These are some of them I did for Yellow Bus Magazine. I can't find the original, this is what I scanned from the magazine, the quality is bad.

Ink + color pencil. 1994

Arcylic + color pencil. 1994

Snowman Series

These are also the Christmas greeting card for my blog.

this one I did in traditional way (clor pencil + water color) in 1992


A series with happy pastel colors.


digital paintng 2007


I painted this series of illustartion when I was working in LA. It expressed my feeling and status at that time.

"Why me?"

"Lets do it!! just take action stop talking!"


"Gatchaman, where do you go?"

"...pressure everywhere...hang on!"

"How can you call this a Friendly Treatment!"?